How do I add a new email account?

You can set up POP3 accounts to collect mail for your domain. By default, when a domain is created a “” POP3 account is created. You can add/delete/alter this and other POP3 accounts for your domain. Choose “Email Accounts (POP3)” from the Domain Menu. Click “Add New” to create a new POP3 account.

Enter the email address you want people to mail this account at, and a password. The password will be used in programs such as Outlook to pull the mail from that domain.

You can also choose if it is a “catch all” account. Setting the email account to be a “catch all' account will mean that not only will it collect email for the email address specified above, but for any other mail sent to the domain that does not have an appropriate email account or email forward set up for. For example if a mail was sent to and this address was not setup for a specific account, then the 'Catch All' email account will collect this mail instead.

You can set up an Auto-responder for the POP3 account as well. In the auto responder text box enter the message you would like to be sent to the sender of mails you receive.

Finally, you can store and forward emails sent to this POP3 account. You can specify an email address where email sent to this account will get forwarded to, after it has been stored in the POP mailbox. This is much like a standard email forwarding account; except the email is first stored in the POP mailbox and you have several other options such as a vacation message being sent before the email is forwarded to another location.

After choosing the options you require for the POP3 account, click “Save” to save it. The number of POP3 accounts you have will be dependent on your web hosting account. To delete a POP3 account, open it and click “Delete”, then OK to confirm.

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