How do I add a database?

To add a database, simply click on “Database Manager” from your Domain Menu, then choose “Add New”. Choose the database type you wish to add along with a suitable name, and click “Save”. The database will be created.

We support the creation of Access, Microsoct SQL 2000, and MySQL databases. 

You can see that there is a “Connection Information” field underneath the database name. This will be populated with data by your reseller, telling you how to connect to your database. You now need to add a user for this database. To do this, click the “Add New” button: Fill in the Database username and password, and click “Save”. You will now see the database and username added for your domain.

If you need to alter the user details for that database simply click the user and edit the details, then click “Save”. You can also delete the database by clicking the “Delete” button.

To manage your databases, use the following managers:
Microsoft SQL 2000

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